Bastrop County Sheriff Candidate Forum - October 6, 2020
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Maurice Cook (Incumbent)

I have been a commissioned peace officer for over 50 years, including service as a city police officer, a DPS Highway Patrolman, Safety Education Officer, Criminal Intelligence Agent, Motor Vehicle Theft Investigator, and 23 years as a Texas Ranger in all of the ranks including Chief. While a Texas Ranger I served 14 years at the rank of Captain or above. I also served Director of Law Enforcement Training for Alvin Community College.  I have been trained at the FBI National Academy (11 weeks), Northwestern Traffic Institute Police Staff and Command (10 weeks), Secret Service Dignitary Protection School, and FBI SWAT Training at the FBI Academy to list a few. I have an Associates' Degree and Bachelors' Degree in Law Enforcement Administration, a Masters' Degree in Political Science and a Juris Doctor Degree. I have consulted professionally on law enforcement related cases including as a Use of Force Expert in state and federal courts. In addition, I have worked with the Texas Legislature to justify budget requests and laws that relate to law enforcement issues.  This prepared me to work on similar issues with the Commissioner's Court on similar matters. I successfully coordinated and worked with many prosecutors across Texas while investigating and preparing high level criminal cases such as the Waco Branch Davidians, as well as five other cases as lead investigator which resulted in the death penalty.  Most importantly, for the past four years, I have served as Sheriff of Bastrop County during which, with the support of excellent deputies and administrative staff, we have had the opportunity to make Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office one of the finest county law enforcement agencies in the State.

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Mike Renck

This candidate did not submit information by the September 25, 2020 deadline.