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Gregory Klaus (R)

I am Gregory Klaus and I was born and raised in Bastrop County. After graduating High School, I joined the Navy. The ship I was on patrolled the waters of Vietnam causing me to become a Vietnam Veteran. After returning home, I started working in the A/C & Heating business in Bastrop and met my wife Kalda. We have been married 46 years, have 3 children and 4 grandchildren, all of whom live, work or attend school in Bastrop County. I took over the A/C & Heating business in 1976 and owned the business for 30 years. In 2006, I sold the business and continued working there until recently retiring. After serving Bastrop County citizens for the last 45 years and listening to their concerns on a daily basis, I decided to hopefully continue serving the citizens by becoming the next Bastrop County Judge. My experience as the VFW Commander for 12 years and the Knights of Columbus Grand Knight for 2 years (Treasurer for 6 years) gives me the experience to conduct Commissioners Court meetings twice a month. I am very active in the community having called BINGO for the Ladies Auxiliary every Wednesday for 25 years, helping the Rockne Community Recreation Center (little league baseball) with field maintenance, concession stand repairs, etc., and helping the Red Rock Elementary school conduct fish fry's for PTA fundraisers, just to name a few. I have ran a successful business on budgets and fully intend to see that all Bastrop County Departments operate on a budget that benefits the essential services of our County. We can't stop the growth in Bastrop County, but as your County Judge, I will do everything in my power to keep our taxes as low as possible while funding vital agencies such as the Sheriff's department, Emergency Services, and our 911 Communications department. If I am elected Bastrop County Judge, each and every one of the Bastrop County taxpayers will be my boss. I hope to honor these hard-working Americans by working closely with the County Commissioners to make good, smart, sound, and mindful decisions on their behalf. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving the citizens of Bastrop County and would appreciate your vote.


Don Loucks (R)

I have been deeply involved in the Republican Party since 1992 when I returned from overseas at the end of my last flying assignment with the 48th Fighter Wing. My knowledge, skills and abilities are extensive.

Of significant importance: I am a Certified Texas Emergency Manager (Emergency Management Association of Texas). Each Texas County Judge is responsible for emergency management in their respective county. If elected, I will be the only county judge of Texas’ 254 counties so certified. It would be very beneficial to have a county judge who knows what must be done to protect our citizens.

Previously, I have served in Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Division of Emergency Management as a State Training Officer. Texas State Guard, and as a Firefighter II Certified Volunteer Firefighter (15 years).

The leadership skills I acquired in the U.S. Air Force (22 years), the Texas State Guard (13 years) have been very useful in my capacity of Certified Fighter II and Fire Commissioner, Bastrop County Emergency Services District 1.  Additionally, I have served on the Congressional Staff of Congressman Ron Paul.

Looking toward the future and keeping ahead of the certain increase demand for services, I see these as notable priorities:

  1. Create the necessary courtroom space for and additional two district courts, and an additional county court at law and associate court.  Our current three district courts (only one of which serves Bastrop County exclusively) are backlogged which results in dismissals and plea bargains.

  2. Sheriff department deputies and staff must be afforded career paths via a step pay system and compensation to retain quality personnel here and not use our tax money to provide trained officers to other counties. High turnover is wasteful and expensive, and must stop.

  3. After visiting many homes during the course of the campaign, I have heard the desire for better opportunities for citizen participation in Commissioner Court proceedings. Therefore, I will schedule the second court meeting of the month in the evening to allow working men and women to participate.  I will also schedule “workshops” in county communities in order to have informal discussions with citizens.

  4. We must have legislative relief to control density management.


I believe that I am in exactly the right place at the right, critical time to serve our county. Serving the people of Bastrop County to the best of my ability is my only goal.