Bill Peterson (Incumbent)

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         I am Ishmael Harris, and I am running for Bastrop City Council Place 1. Although I was born in Austin, my parents moved to Bastrop when I was five, at my grandfather's request that his daughter get his grandkids to Bastrop. The move was one of the biggest highlights of my life. The move allowed us to be around our family, and as some of you may know,it takes a village to raise a child.  That, I had indeed. 


           My family has been a part of the Bastrop community for well over a century.   The property that most of my family still lives on has been in the family for at least 115 years.   My roots run deep with Bastrop.  My great-grandfather Sam Johnson is in one of the pictures at the courthouse standing alongside other men that worked at the mill and were involved in the construction of our town.  My grandfather C.P. Johnson was a well-known cowboy from this area in addition to being a bus driver. He was involved with the school and the town on many levels.  He left a legacy that I could only hope to fulfill. Through him I grew a strong love of horses, cowboying and enjoying the country way of life. My grandmother Ruby Johnson was a nurse at the local hospital.  Being a sought-after caregiver and nanny, she helped raise many children in the area.  


          My mom Renia, and seven of her siblings grew up and went to school here. She went on to cosmetology school, eventually met my dad Carlton, and they married in 1979. My mother was a well-established hair salon owner in Austin for 30 years. My father is an ordained minister and is now retired. They remained married for 33 years until we lost my mother six years ago to cancer.  Through them I was raised with a strong faith, a firm foundation, and a solid work ethic. 


           I have been married to my awesome wife Tabatha, for 12 years, and and we have been together for 19 out of the last 20.  We lived in Austin for a few years in our early twenties, but I knew and felt that I needed to be back home in Bastrop to raise our kids.  We have three beautiful children. Two 13 year old sons, Duce and Mikey, and our 9 year old daughter, Bella.  They have attended Bastrop schools their whole lives.  Before they were school age Tabatha was a stay-at-home mother then worked evenings and nights so that we could maximize our time with our kids. She now she works for the YMCA.


       I have worked for the City of Austin Water Utility almost fifteen years.  I have coached our boys in soccer, basketball, and football since they were three. Now I assist in coaching our daughter in hoopsters and softball. I have to say that I'm glad that my parents made the move back to Bastrop to raise their children. My wife and I have done the same thing with our kids, and we now live in Riverside Grove. There's no place like home! Bastrop is home, and I love my home! I would not want to live anywhere else in the world - maybe visit, but I will always come back home.

Ishmael Harris