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Molly McClure (Incumbent)

Molly McClure and her husband, Leon, have called Bastrop home since 2010. Mrs. McClure holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education, a Master of Education in Curriculum and Development.  Molly received National Board Teaching Certification in 2000. She was an instructional coach and professional developer for Clear Creek ISD.  She has been a consultant with public and private schools and has also served as a staff developer for Houston area teachers. As a School Board Trustee, Mrs. McClure was accepted to a select group and graduated from the Leadership Class for The Texas Association of School Boards.  Her volunteer work is child centric in the following areas:  member of Early Childhood Coalition with Bastrop County Cares, ongoing student mentoring, NIBBLES nourishment program advocacy, and a member of We Believe in BISD. A retired educator of 25 years, Molly’s passion is to contribute and strive for the goal of an excellent education for all children. She is proud to have worked with the current board in critical decisions such as, support for CRCA, Early College High School, BISD police Department, and Breakfast In The Classroom. These and other initiatives align with the BISD Board Priorities and Superintendent Goals.  As BISD continues to serve and work with our community within and beyond the classroom, Mrs. McClure will continue to listen and learn to best serve all children and believes that the key to seeing current district initiatives to fruition is continuity.

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Gwendolyn D. Robinson

Gwendolyn Robinson was born in Beacon, New York, not because her family lived there, but
because her parents wanted to ensure the birth of their first daughter was performed at the best
hospital. It is with that same resolve that Gwen [also] fought through profound opposition in her
life. As a child, Gwen witnessed domestic violence and drug abuse that eventually led to a broken
home and her relocation from New York to South Central, L.A. (in the 80s, when gang violence
was prevalent). As an adult, Gwen also had the unfortunate experience of dealing with the issues
of becoming a single parent. Although the traumatic events of her life should have left Gwen
distraught and despondent, they actually propelled her. It was after one of her family members
experienced an injustice with the judicial system, that Gwen entered the legal arena. And as a
divorcee, Gwen attended school, while working full-time, and raising three adolescent children,
to obtain a degree in Applied Science. Successfully completely her degree, Gwen graduated cum
laude, as it was her desire to exhibit dedication and perseverance; not in speech alone, but through
action. Since then, Gwen has devoted her time, resources and talents to those who have requested
and/or needed them, by volunteering in the Restorative Justice Program in the Austin and Manor
Independent School Districts, acting as the parentis locus for various students, and drafting
memoranda outlining various rights afforded to all school-aged children. Gwen currently serves
at Trinity Tabernacle (Bastrop County, Del Valle, TX), and volunteers at local food banks.
Therefore, it is no surprise that people use words like “hard-working” and “determined” to define
Gwen; as she has repetitively chose to use life’s occurrences meant to be stumbling blocks and
made them her stepping stones.